Throughout Victoria, the name Kersulting has become synonymous with reliability, industry know-how, exceptional customer service and strong relationship management. We have steadfast values that have been consistently upheld and celebrated, including teamwork, trust, respect and excellence.

You can rely on those same values with ACOR Kersulting, now on a national platform.

Our service offering has grown

ACOR Consultants bring with them two decades of national experience and a multitude of qualified, talented and experienced engineers across a range of disciplines. Where once, our focus was on civil and structural engineering, we are now able to provide an expanded offer that includes:

  • Building Services
  • Remedial Engineering, and
  • Fuel and Dangerous Goods

Demand for our services has increased

The growing success of Kersulting has seen a dramatic increase in the demand for our services. Our professionalism and expertise has been instrumental in building the loyalty we have with our ever-growing client base. It has been critical for us to find a way to expand without sacrificing our values.

With ACOR Consultants we’ve found a partner

The time we’ve already spent with ACOR Consultants has shown us that they respect the same core values and vision that we do.

Our resources can handle your next project - on any scale

Wherever you are in Australia, we have the experts on hand to help you. We now have 9 offices and over 250 staff around the country ready to manage your next project.

With ACOR Kersulting, you can rest assured that no matter what the scale, we will deliver fantastic work.

With ACOR Kersulting, you can depend on expert customised solutions

We are a refreshing, professional Tier 2 firm of expert engineering consultants. We are relationship focused and ready to bring you a personalised experience with reliable, innovative and highly skilled consultants.

We provide better service, better solutions and better value.

For further details on the merger and the breadth of services on offer please contact us now on 03 9885 4335 or visit our web site

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